User Activation Keys

A Multisite Network plugin.

Ever signup a user account, delete it, and try to signup up the same username again?

Ever try to support a new user who created a username, but entered the wrong email address and so can’t activate, and can’t signup with the same username?

Ever wanted to signup a bunch of users with phony emails so users without email could start blogging right away?

I have, so I made a plugin to help me.

WP Network Multisite “mu-plugin” for user activation key removal or approval.

See Network–>Users–>”User Activation Keys” to delete activation keys – to allow immediate (re)signup of users who otherwise get the “try again in two days” message.

Also, users waiting to be activated (or can’t because the email with the generated activation link is “gone”) can be approved manually.


Latest version: Download User Activation Keys v4.6 [zip]
User Activation Keys at WordPress Plugin Repository


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin to your blog, Network Activate it
  2. Delete or approve keys at Network–>Users–>”User Activation Keys” page
  1. Network Admin->Users->"User Activation Keys" page

    Network Admin->Users->”User Activation Keys” page



  • WP 4.6 tests OK, cleanup php notices

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