Enable or disable WordPress Multisite backend menus. Adds options to toggle administration menus at Network Admin->Settings page under “Menu Settings”. WP already toggles the Plugins menu, I’ve added a bunch more in the same/similar way.

I use the plugin to simplify the menus available to the entire network of sites. I use this plugin in a Multisite installation to disable the Delete Blog, Permalinks, Import, Add Users and Theme customizer menus.

The plugin also removes some of the admin bar menu items as well.


Latest version: Download Menus v4.6 [zip]
Menus at WordPress Plugin Repository


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin to your blog, Network Activate it
  2. Set multisite “Menu Settings” options at Network->Settings page
  1. Menu Settings: Enable Administration Menus

    Menu Settings: Enable Administration Menus

  2. Admin Bar Dropdown Shortcuts

    Admin Bar Dropdown Shortcuts



  • WP 4.6 tests OK, cleanup php notices

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