LA 9 Course Outline

1. Course Philosophy
The aim of the English Language Arts is to encourage an understanding and appreciation of the importance and artistry of literatue in students. It will enable students to use language confidently and competently for a variety of purposes, with a variety of audiences and in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction and learning.

2. General Outcomes/Themes:
Through listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing the students will:
1. explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.
2. comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts
3. manage ideas and information
4. enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
5. respect, support and collaborate with others.

The Human Condition–In Search of Self

3. Assessment
We grade the knowledge the student has acquired based on the program of studies and the skills the student is able to show in articulating his/her knowledge.

A wide range of assessment information is used in the development of a student’s final grade. Individualized assessments provide specific information regarding student progress and overall performance in class. Student assessment may vary from student to student to adapt to differences in student needs, learning styles, preferences, and paces. Not all assignments are used for assessment. Activities that focus on language conventions are integrated in the activities so that grammar, spelling, and puctuation are handled in context and not in isolation. ICT outcomes are infused throughout.

4. Course Work and Evaluation
Unit 1 37.5% Marks collected from February 1st to April 7th
Unit 2 37.5% Marks collected from April 8th to June 23rd
Achievement Test 25%(Part A: May 14th; Part B: June 20th)

5. Primary Resources
Crossroads, Gage Educational Publishing
Novel, TBA
Romeo and Juliet, HBJ

Students will receive only one copy of each text according to the rental agreement. Additional/replacement texts may be purchased through the school office.

Reading List

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