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I haven’t made my first spreadsheet on my BlackBerry yet

What are the most amazing mobile apps out there? I bet nothing on any other mobile phone platform compares to the iPhone, though.

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The nature of our humanness: a ’55 punch bug, a turtle, and rhizobia

After reading The Bean Trees, making some notes, and writing the exam, choose a focus questions for your essay. Try one of these questions as written by your classmates: Pingback your essay ASAP.

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Poetry Contest for Grades 9 and 10

A while back I received the following invitation: “A Panacea of Poetry East Central is having a poetry contest! It will be positively poetic and panoptic! The first phase we undertook in Grades 9 and 10 was to explore Ladders … Continue reading

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Story Generator I Dig

Tonight I was “surfing the net while sitting on the couch” again and I stumbled upon a terrific site for generating random ideas for writing short stories. “Tropes are storytelling devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on … Continue reading

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Crossword Puzzle: “Who Am I?”

Create a “Who Am I?” crossword puzzle for your group/class. get every person’s name to fit somewhere get at least one descriptive adverb or adjective for each person in the group get at least one favorite activity listed for each … Continue reading

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Teen Book Recommendations Needed

There is an increasing appetite among STJ bloggers for fresh books to read. At the STJ Library blog the list of books read and reviewed keeps increasing, however, I fear the lack of choice in our current library stacks may … Continue reading

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Second Semester Underway

English 30: reading these, making these, writing these, discussing these Religious Studies 25: reading, writing, discussing these English 10: reading these, writing these, making these English 9: reading these, writing these, and making these

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Precious Gifts: The Consequences of Reading in Grade 10

A student asked me today, “When are we going to start that Poetry unit?” I have more than once looked at the cardboard box of Grade 10 poetry textbooks and asked the same question. The box sits neglected in an … Continue reading

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Pupils Produce Political Propaganda

How tough is it to create the slick political attack ads that flood the airwaves during an election? Well, not so tough. I stumbled onto a site that generates attack ads as fast as refrigerator magnetic poetry. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Canadian Mysteries: Developing Critical Thinking

I was watching the game, but Tampa was up 4-0 on the Phillies so I started “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch” again. I’m in search of a word or phrase that describes the often endless evening hours I spend, well “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch”. If “couch potato” … Continue reading

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“Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

I asked a student, “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” today. Their blank look reminded me that the older I get, the further removed I become from the popular lingo of my students. I have no desire to immerse myself … Continue reading

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