Thar Nicene Creed

I belie’e in ‘un God,
thar Father almighty,
maker o’hea’en an’ earth,
o’all thin’s visible an’ in’isible.

I belie’e in ‘un Lord Jesus Christ,
t’ Only Begotten Son o’God,
born o’t’ Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made, consubstantial wi’ thar Father;
through him all thin’s were made.
Fer us men an’ fer our sal’ation
he came down from hea’en,
an’ by thar Holy Spirit was incarnate o’t’ Virgin Mary,
an’ became man.

Fer our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate,
he suffered death an’ was buried,
an’ rose again on ye third day
in accordance wi’ thar Scriptures.

He ascended into hea’en
an’ be seated at t’right hand o’thar Father.
He will come again in glory
t’ judge thar li’in’ an’ ye dead
an’ his kingdom will have no end.

I belie’e in t’Holy Spirit, ye Lord, yonder gi’er o’life,
who proceeds from yonder Father an’ thar Son,
who wi’ ye Father an’ thar Son be adored an’ glorified,
who has spoken through thar prophets.

I belie’e in ‘un, holy, catholic an’ apostolic Church.
I confess ‘un baptism fer thar forgi’eness o’sins
an’ I look forward t’har resurrection o’t’ dead
an’ thar life o’ye world t’come. Amen.


How can ‘un God be three “persons” – Father, Son, an’ Holy Spirit?

How can Jesus be both God an’ human?

Wha’ be God’s kingdom like?

Think o’un club, team or organization t’which ye presently belong. Wha’ be t’purpose o’this group? Wha’ be ‘un requirement or belief o’t’ group that helps all its members work toward a common goal?

Read Isaiah 49:15-16. Wha’ be thar prophet attemptin’ t’ell us about God?

Read CCC #239. Wha’ does thar Church say about God in this passage?

Read John 13:3-17. Wha’ does this passage tell us about Jesus an’ therefore about God?

When do ye most feel t’presence o’Jesus in yer life?

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