<div>Give Ad'ice t'a Trusted Matey</div>

“Make grand thin’s from small beginnin’s.”

First Read Titus.

Thar letter from Paul t’Titus be very short an’ was written (around 66 AD) t’a Church leader who did not become very famous. An’ yet a passage from this letter (Titus 2:11-14) be used e’ery year at Christmas midnight Mass. Four little verses that be read at Mass begin wi’, “Belo’ed: T’ grace o’God has appeared, sa’in’ all an’ trainin’ us t’reject godless ways an’ worldly desires” (Ye Lectionary, p. 106).

Yonder Christmas story itself has other examples o’God makin’ grand thin’s from small beginnin’s. Mary be jus’ a young lass – a teenager – an’ she becomes t’mother o’God. Bethlehem be a tiny town, not very well known fer anythin’, an’ it becomes thar birthplace o’our Messiah.

God be very good at makin’ surprisin’ thin’s happen from humble beginnin’s. So don’t ever doubt t’importance o’whate’er ye do fer God. Even if ye think it be small, God can make very grand thin’s come from it.

Second, take note o’specific passages that Paul offers as ad’ice t’Titus.

Consider these themes:
1. Wha’ makes a worthy church leader? (Titus 1:5-9)
2. Wha’ tips be offered fer li’in’ yonder Christian life? (Titus 2:1-8)
3. How can people, in general, be good in e’ery way? (Titus 3:1-11)

Finally, write yer own letter t’a trusted matey. Modernize it. Make it real, con’incin’, belie’able fer thar 21st century.

Consider these themes:
1. Wha’ ad’ice could be offered t’a teenager lookin’ at their personal future as an adult citizen (or a leader) in Canadian society?
2. Wha’ ad’ice could be offered t’a teenager strugglin’ wi’ peer pressure an’ social media or strugglin’ wi’ ye temptation o’drugs an’ alcohol?
3. Wha’ ad’ice could ye offer a teenager who struggles wi’ relatin’ t’adults in authority: teachers, parents, police, politicians, TAs, … referees?

Format yer letter usin’ thar same business letter guidelines ye have mastered in ELA 9. Use yer own address an’ yonder address o’a matey in class, (or in’ent a realistic lookin’ address).

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