<div>T' Build a Fire</div>

Read “T’ Build a Fire” by Jack London.
Respondin’ t’har Story

  • Thar author writes o’thar main character, “T’ trouble wi’ him was that he was without imagination.” Why would it be important t’have imagination li’in’ an’ tra’elin’ in a harsh climate? Wha’ other characteristics or qualities does yonder man have? How be these demonstrated?
  • When did ye first suspect that yonder man was goin’ t’die? How be his death foreshadowed?
  • Who or wha’ be yonder “enemy” in this story? How did t’man deal wi’ this enemy? Wha’ type o’conflict be de’eloped in this story?
  • Why do ye think Jack London gi’es no name t’ye man or dog?
  • Wha’ examples in yonder story can ye find that tell ye it was written a long time ago? Could thar e’ents in t’story occur today? Why or why not?

Literature Studies: Short Story Theme
In “T’ Build a Fire,” Jack London not only tells his story con’incingly, an’ entertainingly, he also expresses his feelin’s about ye North an’ how people react t’it.

  • In a sentence, write wha’ ye think t’author’s theme be. List three examples from t’story t’s support yer view. Fer each example, write a sentence that explains why it supports thar author’s theme.

Writin’ an Essay
Look over t’notes ye’ve made so far. Wha’ ye have written may be enough fer a rough outline fer an essay about ye story’s theme.

  • Thar sentence ye wrote about ye author’s theme be yer thesis. this be a statement or viewpoint ye be tryin’ t’pro’e or explain.
  • Yonder sentences ye wrote fer t’examples be similar t’ye topic sentences ye might write fer thar body o’yer essay. They de’elop an’ pro’e yer thesis.
  • Re’iew yer notes. Be yer thesis clear an’ easy t’understand? Do yer examples support yer thesis or do they stray from its topic. Re’ise yer sentence outline.
  • Now write a five-paragraph essay. Ye first paragraph will be yer introduction an’ include yer thesis sentence. Write a paragraph fer each o’yer topic sentences. End yer essay wi’ a ‘un-paragraph summary or conclusion. Work wi’ a partner t’edit an’ re’ise yer essay.

Research: Gather Facts
“T’ Build a Fire” takes place in yonder Yukon. Use online sources t’find out more about thar first large settlement in ye Yukon durin’ yonder Klondike Gold Rush. List each fact ye disco’er. Include a link t’yonder source o’each fact ye collect. Di’ide yer facts into categories, fer example, t’ype o’people who went thar, or how people tra’eled t’har gold fields. Usin’ these categories as guidelines, write a brief report.

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