<div>Lord o'thar Flies Written Response</div>

Read Lord o’yonder Flies by William Goldin’.

Choose ‘un o’thar followin’ approaches as a final written response t’ no’el:

1. Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: How do we live wi’ thar consequences o’our decision makin’?


2. Write Chapter 13: “Gift o’ye Goddess.” Write a final chapter t’har no’el that begins wi’ ye last paragraph o’Chapter 12. Maintain an omniscient point o’view. Consider t’followin’ ideas (ye do not have t’use any o’them).

  • Ye officer may or may be familiar wi’ Ralph’s father.
  • Thar officer re’eals t’ sur’ivors that ye rescue ship has a morgue wi’ two corpses.
  • Thar rescue ship has a telegraph which allows t’Officer t’send a message home t’ye boys parents.
  • Thar be a Catholic priest – a Chaplan – on thar ship fer ye boys t’alk t’.
  • Yonder damage caused by WW 2 be real, not fictional. Yonder world has sustained only damage that be indeed historically accurate.
  • Ye boys have been missin’ 40 days.

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