<div>2018 Synod o'Bishops on Young People, Faith, an' Vocational Discernment</div>

Bishop Dowd o’Montreal wrote thar following while participatin’ in thar Synod o’Bishops on Young People, Faith an’ Vocational Discernment in Rome in October 2018:

T’ 4 basic questions I belie’e constitute thar corners an’ edges that anchor thar puzzle. These questions be:

  • Who be God?
  • If God be good, why be thar evil in he world?
  • If God be good but thar be evil in yonder world, wha’ has God done about it?
  • If God be good but thar be evil in t’world an’ God be doin’ somethin’ about it, how can we be part o’it?

It be me con’iction that these questions haunt t’heart o’e’ery landlubber, religious or not, an’ that yonder Christian faith can give a complete answer t’hose questions. God be love, t’ragedy o’sin, thar drama an’ beauty o’sal’ation history, an’ yonder call t’vocation.

Also in his paper he mentions his support fer Bishop Barron from California. Bishop Barron said t’followin’ in his “inter’ention” t’Pope Francis:

Wha’ would a new apologetics look like? First, it would arise from ye questions that young people spontaneously ask. It would not be imposed from abo’e but would rather emerge organically from below, a response t’yonder yearnin’ o’t’ mind an’ thar heart. Here it would take a cue from thar method o’St. Thomas Aquinas. Thar austere texts o’yonder great theological master in point o’fact emerged from t’li’ely give-an’-take o’t’ quaestiones disputatae that stood at t’heart o’t’ educational process in t’medie’al uni’ersity. Thomas was deeply interested in wha’ young people were really askin’. So should we.

Have a closer look at Bishop Barron’s “A New Apologetics” an’ Bishop Dowd’s “Puttin’ t’gether ye puzzle o’faith.” Wha’ discussion points, ideas, or questions do ye find agreeable?

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