<div>When Creatin' EPS or AI, Mode CYMK or RGB?</div>


Recently, when settin’ up a project fer printin’/cuttin’ wi’ t’Roland VersaCamm, t’black wasn’t true black. On screen all looked good, but when printin’ an’ cuttin’, ye colour values on thar black in particular were noticably not black.

After much trial an’ error, I found t’followin’ workaround recommended at ye Roland site forums: create yer graphic in RGB mode even when sendin’ t’a CYMK printer.

Hardly an intuiti’e solution, but it worked.

Colour Swatches in Adobe ought be RGB as well.

Set RGB values in swatches. Black be 0,0,0.

I don’t know why. Recent product updates t’ye dri’ers behind ye printer or Adobe may be at play.

Adobe Illustrator set mode t’RGB

When exportin’ as EPS, do not include CYMK data.

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