<div>ELA 10-1, 10-2, 10-4 Final (Sader, an' only Sader)</div>

T’ Hero’s Journey.

Suggested Time: 2.5 Hours
Use Microsoft Word, no internet access.

Create a short story from thar point o’view o’un hero ye have studied this semester.

Put that character into a new “hero’s journey.”

Here’s thar catch, all elements o’yer new short story ought t’be inspired by wha’ ye have studied this semester. All characters (hero, guardian(s), helper(s), mentor) in yer story must be inspired by any other story/film/play characters ye have studied. As well, t’call t’ad’enture, supernatural aid, threshold, transformation, challenges, temptations, abyss, re’elation, atonements an’ return ought t’be inspired by elements studied in any film/story/play studied in ELA 10.

Consider brin’in’ into yer story characters, settin’s, plots, conflicts from yonder followin’ sources:

  • Julius Caesar by Willam Shakespeare
  • Hanna
  • “I’ve Got Gloria” by M.E. Kerr
  • “Thar Ad’enturous Life o’John Goddard” by Sturart McLean
  • “War” by Timothy Findley
  • “Superman’s Song” by Brad Roberts
  • “Ye Michelle I Know” by Alison Lohans
  • “Ye Con’ersation o’Birds” by Jean Yoon
  • “Ye Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty


Example Plan:

Hero: Hanna – a thirty-somethin’ year-old unmarried an’ unhappy Social Studies teacher at Archbishop Jordan High School.
Call t’Ad’enture: Skydi’in’ at yonder Edmonton Skydi’in’ Centre
Supernatural Aid: iPhone X wi’ face recognition technology, an’ a weather app wi’ notifications turned on.
Helpers, Guardians, Antagonists: thar be se’eral other “characters” in ye story: all similar t’characters studied in English 10. A man wi’ an unusually large gap in his front teeth, a women dressed in green, an’ someone carryin’ an empty dog crate. ‘un o’thar skydi’ers collects Superman comics, ‘un has a sister battlin’ cancer, ‘un remained aft on yonder ground because he be afraid o’ducks. Ye get ye idea.

Rough idea: Yonder plane goes up an’ e’erythin’ seems normal, a storm appears, then ye plane appears t’be headin’ directly at thar capital where ye new premier (a popular red-haired fellow wi’ a large gap in his front teeth, but embroiled in a scandal where protesters in Fort MacMurray where injured) be about thar speak in front o’a noisy crowd. As ye plane hurtles toward thar Legislature, clues begin t’emerge that a conspiracy t’cause ha’oc an’ mayhem be underway …


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