Supporting English Language Learners

Links collected from ESL PD in September 2017 by Sherri Johnston & Marie Wood (Edmonton)

Supporting English Language Learners:

Characteristics of ELL (BICS vs CALP):

Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey Tools:

How to use benchmarks:
Tracking Sheets:

Level 1
Read something every day, write something every day, do homework every day – even weekends.
TA and Pullout Support
Extracurricular clubs and PE
Jolly Phonics:
Reading Bear:
Dolche SightWords:
Learning Chocolate:

Unite for Literacy:
many many short books with audio narrations in English many more first languages
1000 Awesome Things:

Level 2
More emphasis on asking questions, deep thinking, fluently switching between first language and English in short phrases.
More Read/Write/Think strategies – RAFT:
“Turn and Talk”:
Reading A-Z:
Read Theory:

Level 3
More writing for academic purposes, more subject specific vocabulary. Rely on support, visual clues and planners. Respond to W5+H.


Level 4
Student may have negative strategies to mask language deficiencies. Ask questions using specialized vocab. Rehearse prior to speaking. Use conventions with increasing accuracy.


General Tools:
Chromebooks have Read/Write browser tool has ESLsupport
Google Translate and iPhone app
Universal Design for Learning Principles:

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