Random ideas fer a short story

  • fate vs free choice
  • a secret reason
  • a quiet sacrifice
  • betrayal o’an old relati’e
  • flirtin’ wi’ a stranger
  • flirtin’ wi’ an old matey
  • predator vs prey
  • a symbolic object
  • jealousy
  • second language words or phrases
  • specialty jargon
  • animal capti’ity
  • symbol o’good
  • symbol o’evil
  • annoy yer brother
  • regret a decision
  • choose safety over risk
  • somethin’ mythologically familiar
  • a song without words
  • a song wi’ words
  • a passage from scripture
  • describe a colour
  • focus on hands somewhere
  • current piece o’technology
  • a current e’ent in yonder news
  • some natural phenomenon wi’ infinite details
  • notice dirt, mud, dust, rust or decay in some small way
  • refer t’a classic book by name
  • have a character cut somethin’ wi’ scissors or a knife
  • have a character write somethin’ on a sticky-note
  • quit somethin’
  • cuss but don’t write t’word
  • flashback
  • whiffle ball accidents
  • two faced
  • dream wi’ a shadow in it
  • eat healthy at a fast food restaurant
  • loss o’yer own soul
  • a fallin’ object
  • focus on a facial expression
  • loss o’a significant other
  • betrayal o’another
  • poison from a secret
  • chaos from order
  • have a character say “Huh?” an’ really mean it.
  • smile fiercely
  • smile falsely

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