<div>Twitter Essay: En'ironment an' Technology</div>

Yer Specific Tasks:

Yonder Discussion:
Form a discussion group o’about 5 students(in’ite a staff member, too, if ye want).
Start yer discussion in Twitter (use a new/unique #hashtag an’ a’oid spammin’ existin’ hashtags). ‘un o’ye picks ye discussion starter from any o’ye “En’ironment an’ Technology” prompts from me iblog. Post follow-up responses t’each other so ye discussion be “two-way”.

Ye Proof:

  1. Add a #hashtag widget t’yer blog o’yer discussion.
  2. Create a “Twitter essay” in yer blog highlightin’ thar main points in yer discussion, try t’embed a tweet or two from each contributin’ group member.

Demonstrate these “I can…” outcomes:
“I can … Explore yer thoughts, ideas, understandin’s an’ ask yer discussion group members t’do ye same.
“I can … Respect each others opinions, but work t’gether towards buildin’ a discussion thread that be percepti’e, insightful, engagin’ an’ unified.

Once each member o’ye group be satisfied that they have completed thar discussion task, an’ met thar more general “I can…” outcomes, assign yer discussion thread a score usin’ this “Personal response” rubric:

Use this rubric fer scorin’ yer “Twitter Essay”:

Rubric fer a “Twitter Essay”

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