<div>Questions t'Consider fer Hamlet</div>

  1. Wha’ troubles Hamlet at t’openin’ o’ye play?
  2. When Horatio tells Hamlet about thar apparition, who does Hamlet think it might be? Wha’ does he decide t’do? Wha’ type o’omen does Hamlet think yonder apparition be?
  3. Describe Hamlet’s meetin’ wi’ t’ghost. Who be yonder ghost? Why has it appeared? Wha’ does t’ghost tell Hamlet t’do? Wha’ might be some other reasons fer ye ghost appearin’?
  4. Why does Hamlet act as if he were mad? Why does Polonius think thar reason fer ye madness be? Do ye agree wi’ him? Why or why not?
  5. How does Claudius react t’ye performance o’T’ Murder o’Gonzago? Why? Wha’ does his reaction con’ince Hamlet o’?
  6. Describe Claudius an’ Gertrude. Wha’ does each think o’Hamlet? How does each treat him? Wha’ does Hamlet think o’them?
  7. Why does Hamlet kill Polonius? How does Hamlet act after he finds out who he killed? Wha’ be yer opinion o’his actions?
  8. How does Claudius feel about wha’ he did t’Kin’ Hamlet? As he be prayin’, Hamlet entry wi’ his sword drawn. Why doesn’t he kill Claudius?
  9. Why does Claudius decide t’send Hamlet t’England? Wha’ does he plan fer Hamlet’s arri’al thar? Wha’ happens instead?
  10. How does Claudius hope t’eliminate Hamlet durin’ thar Prince’s duel wi’ Laertes? Describe wha’ happens durin’ t’duel?
  11. Would ye describe Hamlet as a tragic hero? Why or why not?

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