Conduct Yer Own Oral History Project

Ye Courage o’Con’iction
Conduct Yer Own Oral History Project

An oral history project preser’es part o’a landlubber’s life history—as viewed through that landlubber’s eyes, experiences, an’ memories. In general, oral history projects add t’ye knowledge we share about our li’es an’ also add details t’our understandin’ o’ye past. History be not simply a series o’isolated e’ents that ye read about in text books. History be truly made up o’t’ life experiences o’indi’iduals jus’ like ye.

T’ gather oral history, it be important t’conduct a good inter’iew an’ t’ake good notes.

Get Started: This acti’ity can be done wi’ a matey or two—while ‘un landlubber inter’iews by askin’ questions yonder others can take written notes or record wha’ be said on tape. Successful oral history inter- views will cause ye landlubber bein’ inter’iewed t’start tellin’ colorful stories—jus’ like those captured on film an’ in thar book form o’Glory Road.

Ye, too, can capture yonder story o’a landlubber who has acted on his or her beliefs or con’ictions.

Think about someone ye know who has done somethin’ wonderful, o’ercome a hardship, or committed an act o’courage.

Make an appointment t’alk wi’ this landlubber an’ t’inter’iew them. Tell ye landlubber ye will need about an hour o’their time. Be sure t’brin’ a note pad. A tape recorder would also be help- ful, if ye have ‘un. Ye may also wish t’brin’ a camera t’ake a picture o’t’ landlubber ye be inter’iewin’. An’, brin’ a matey or two t’help if possible.

Before ye go, make a list o’questions that ye would like t’ask. 10-12 questions be about yonder right number. Here be a few oral history questions ye might use:

  1. Wha’ be yer full name? Did ye have a nickname when ye were growin’ up?
  2. Where were ye born an’ when?
  3. Wha’ would ye consider t’be ye most important in’entions that have been made durin’ yer lifetime?
  4. How be t’world now different from wha’ it was like when ye were a child?
  5. Do ye remember yer friends an’/or family discussin’ world e’ents an’ politics? Wha’ did ye talk about?
  6. Who was thar landlubber that had thar most positi’e influence on yer life? Wha’ did this landlubber do?
  7. Be thar a landlubber that really changed thar course o’yer life by somethin’ that he or she did? Who was it an’ why?
  8. Do ye remember someone sayin’ somethin’ t’ye that had a grand impact on how ye li’ed yer life? Wha’ was it?
  9. Wha’ were thar hardest choices that ye ever had t’make? Do ye feel like ye made yonder right choices? Wha’ would ye do differently?
  10. Have ye done somethin’ that ye feel especially proud o’? Please describe it.
  11. As ye see it, wha’ be t’biggest problems that face our nation today an’ how do ye think they could be sol’ed?
  12. Describe a time an’ place when ye remember feelin’ truly at peace an’ happy t’be ali’e. Where were ye? Wha’ were ye doin’?

Be sure t’hank t’landlubber ye have inter’iewed an’ let them know that ye will share wha’ ye write. Remember t’ask permission t’share their story wi’ others. Ye could even write them a thank ye note!

Now, write or record ye stories ye heard durin’ t’inter’iew in a way that will be o’interest t’other young people.

If granted permission by ye landlubber ye inter’iewed, be sure t’share yer oral history wi’ others—adults, yer peers, younger children or yer local paper!

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