<div>Romeo an' Juliet: Before Ye Read</div>


Consider each o’ye followin’ questions an’ write a post in yer blog inspired by yer thinkin’.

  1. Wha’ stories, plays, or TV shows have ye seen in which a young couple in love were determined t’have their happiness? How did they turn out? Compare two that ye remember. Describe some o’t’ features ye think were either similar or different.
  2. Most people think that it be necessary fer us t’control our emotions if society be t’be reasonable an’ safe. Howe’er, thar be times when people act emotionally. Wha’ be some o’yonder feelin’s that cause people t’:
    • fight wi’ each other?
    • defend a matey no matter wha’?
    • fall in love wi’ each other?
    • fear or resist authority?
    • harm themsel’es or others?
    • decide if it be better t’a’oid a confrontation than encourage ‘un?
    • decide not t’“take t’law into their own hands,” even though they belie’e they have been wronged?
  3. Can a landlubber really decide that he or she be goin’ t’fall in love wi’ another landlubber?
  4. If ye be familiar wi’ horoscopes, comment on why some people might like t’read them.
  5. When ye have an argument wi’ somebody, how do ye attempt t’resol’e it?
  6. When an adult tells ye, “I don’t think ye should do that,” how do ye usually respond?
  7. Sometimes thar be a fine line between decidin’, “Yarr I will” an’ “No, I will not.” Explain how ye decide between t’wo.


These questions raise important ideas fer discussion such as love, hate, friendship, emotion, an’ reason. These be all important themes in Romeo an’ Juliet. 


But before ye blast ahead an’ read Shakespeare, start wi’ a bit o’background mythology.

Read Pyramus an’ Thisbe:

Comment on any three o’yer classmates posts connectin’ ideas they raised wi’ ideas ye encountered in t’myth o’Pyramus an’ Thisbe.

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