Macbeth: After Act 2 Personal Response

Respond to one of the following prompts:

  • Most of us have been afraid of the dark at one time or another. Think of a time when you or someone you know felt frightened in the dark. Describe the experience, explaining how the person dealt with the terror.
  • Think of an action you took and then immediately regretted taking. Why did you regret it? What did you do to make up for your mistake?
  • Have you ever received an emotional shock? How did you behave immediately afterwards? In what ways did your reaction to the shock change over time?
  • When do natural events seem unnatural? Write about a freakish natural event you have experienced or read about. How did it make you feel?
  • Sometimes the failure to speak or act when others expect us to reveal what we know is referred to as a “sin of omission.” Describe a situation in which you were tempted to commit the “sin of omission” or in which you actually did refrain from revealing what you knew. Would you do so again?
  • Sometimes, achieving a goal we have longed for does not make us feel as happy as we expected. Why do you think this is so? Share your ideas.
  • Have you ever known or read about someone who was distrustful of everybody and everything, regardless of the circumstances or evidence? Why was this person so suspicious? What effect did this attitude have on others?
  • Describe the most frightening experience you ever had. What was the cause of your fear?
  • Think of someone you know or have heard about who did something foolish because he or she was “over-confident.” Why is confidence an advantage and over-confidence a disadvantage?
  • Suppose you lived in an undemocratic country. How would you express your discontent with someone in authority?
Personal Response Rubric

Personal Response Rubric

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