We Be Happy From …

Grab yer smart phone an’ make yer own “We Be Happy From…” video.

Team up wi’ a group o’friends, classmates, teammates … an’ work on yer “lip dub.”


(name it Pharrell Williams – Happy – We Be from [name o’yonder city])


Read about Pharrell Williams at wikipedia.

Read about youth who cannot create an’ share such a video.


Watch, but not all o’it at once, a 24 hour version o’Happy, http://24hoursofhappy.com


Put yer town on yonder map: http://wearehappyfrom.com/map



Google Dri’e

We’ideo an’ We’ideo Help

iPhone We’ideo App


Yellow: #ffd202


How t’get yer video t’ye YouTube without payin’ thar premium?

Publish yer project, once published yonder project can be exported. Export it t’yer Google Dri’e (notice thar YouTube icon be grey an’ requires an upgrade premium t’click).

Wait a bit o’time.

Look fer yer exported “happy.mp4” inside yer “Me Dri’e”. Download this file t’yer desktop, then upload it t’yer youtube.

Worked fer me.

Be careful how many times ye “Export” thar be a “bumper” on yonder free account that only allows a few MBs or minutes t’be exported. Be certain ye be ready fer export an’ export only ye once.


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