snowflakes: After the Harvest

Write a comprehensive film review of the film “After the Harvest.”

If you have read “Wild Geese” by Martha Ostenso, be sure to compare and contrast.

Consider especially details from class discussions, notes, essays or any other ideas to help you out.

Tip: consider a 5-paragraph essay as an organizational structure for your review. Perhaps one third focusing on literal elements, one third on figurative elements, and the final third thematic elements.


"That one man, scorned and covered with scars Still strove with his last ounce of courage To reach the unreachable star"
Jeanne d'Arc
Jude = Judas?
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.49.39
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.46.39
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.45.51
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.45.03
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.43.50
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.42.42
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.42.21
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.38.31
see also Jean-Francois Millet, The Gleaners, 1857
Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.31.13
Norns? Moirai? Fates? Past, Present, and Future?
Dionysian and the Apollonian form a dialectic.
"Gregor Samsa, I presume?"
Narcissus' gift for Echo
Screenshot 2014-04-14 15.15.15
John Keats, "To Autumn" ... And sometimes like a gleaner thou dost keep ...
see "Flight of Icarus" lyrics
iPhone 0.1
"But there never seems to be enough time"
Screenshot 2014-04-14 15.07.26
Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.20.07
Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.09.59
The "Wedding Quilt" is missing something...
Amelia's hands are "Planters’ Hands"!
Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.03.57
What was in the package?
Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.01.15
Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.00.28
Screenshot 2014-04-16 14.59.38
Screenshot 2014-04-16 14.59.00
Screenshot 2014-04-16 14.47.00
Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15
"Ball and Chain"
Ares and Dionysus
Thetis as goddess
"Naughty, isn't it" "Part of the appeal."
"Lady of the Lake"
"I could have loved you, Caleb."
"Running with the Devil" - Van Halen
"Christina's World" (1948)
"Three Wise Monkeys"
"In the Upper Room"
Dauntless or Abnegation?
Ophelia's Flowers
"You're pregnant. Stupid, stupid girl."
"... in the trenches ... you got three seconds ... one, two ..."
"Out, damned spot; out, I say. . . . Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?"
"But if you want money for people with minds that hate / All I can tell you is brother you have to wait"
Ellen's repertoire
"We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair"
"There's the truth."
"You're late for your chores."
Screenshot 2014-05-02 09.40.25
"You fought in the war, you have a university degree, you are going to study law. What in hell are you doing here?" "I have an obsession with trees."
"The body has risen!"
The Red Wing Project, Minnesota
"Twenty-some years ago, women followed the rail crews north..."
Gilbert Garcin Diogène ou la lucidité - Diogenes or lucidity, 2005
Screenshot 2014-05-02 14.27.13
see "Mud Time," George Bowering
Screenshot 2014-05-06 14.40.26

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