Applying for a Summer Job

Read about the situation below and complete the assignment that follows.

The Situation
Imagine that you are Kim Green, a Grade 9 student, applying for one of the four jobs listed below. Robin Thornton is the person at the Hillcrest Job Centre who processes the applications for these jobs.

Summer Jobs Available
Volunteer Jobs

  1. Playground Program Assistant – assist with activities for seven-to-ten-year-old children
  2. Senior Citizen’s assistant – assist with the needs and activities of seniors in a centre or in the community

Paid Jobs

  1. Fast Food Restaurant Employee – prepare food, serve customers, clear tables
  2. Landscaping Assistant – plant flowers and shrubs; cut and rake lawns

Write a business letter to Robin Thornton in which you apply for the job you have selected. (Select only one from the list above.)

When writing, be sure to

  1. identify the job for which you are applying
  2. explain what knowledge, skills, or experience you have that might be relevant to the job
  3. sign you letter Kin Green – do not sign your own name
  4. organize your thoughts appropriately in sentences and paragraphs
  5. use vocabulary that is appropriate and effective
    address the envelope

Note: The information you make up about Kim Green must be realistic for a Grade 9 student.

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