Book Talk Intensifies at STJ

How do we write more, while at the same time we write less? This paradox occurred to me today while talking about writing with a student at STJ.

I also thought the popularity of Twitter with its 150 characters “tweets” compared to the effort to maintain a blog with its posts in the 3-5 paragraph range.

Consider this analogy: Blog posts are to essays and book reports as _________ is to “tweets”.

So I’ve weighed a couple of options:

Book Talk added to Post Editor

Book Talk added to Post Editor

First, each blog could have a post dedicated to the blog owner’s current book(s) they are reading or have read. The initial post could be nothing more than an simple introduction to the author, title, and a cover picture. Now the blog owner comments on a regular basis on their own post – say 6-8 times or more per book until the book is finished(or put aside for another book). In the end, a quick visit to this page would provide evidence of “Book Talk”. I’ve added a “meta box” of Book Talk tips to the post edit form.

Second, visit the STJ Forums and look for the Book Talk category.

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