Teen Book Recommendations Needed

There is an increasing appetite among STJ bloggers for fresh books to read. At the STJ Library blog the list of books read and reviewed keeps increasing, however, I fear the lack of choice in our current library stacks may soon inhibit this momentum.

So, I’d like to try something to abate/assuage my fears.

In my vision, I’d like to have a solid list of “teen recommended books” in my hand that I’d like to have the library acquire … some day.

So here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Create a single “Top 10” post identifying and justifying in a sentence or two a top 10 list of books you would like to read.
  2. For each text you list, be sure the link has the book’s ISBN-10 number (ie. link to the book at amazon.ca).
  3. identify at least one Canadian author
  4. identify at least one “non-fiction” title
  5. justify your choice of text after considering course focus questions
  6. Bonus: Add a “Showcase Widget” to your sidebar that does the same.
  7. Optional Extra Bonus: Create a “Listmania” or “Wishlist” list at Amazon.ca
  8. pingback or leave comment with a link to your post here

I’ve added a few widgets to the Library blog with links to libraries, resources, and reviews to help get you started. However, I personally find Amazon’s “listmania” feature quite useful.

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