English 20 Final Exam Poll

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  1. ncourchesne says:

    Ambition and Power was the driving force for Macbeth to achieve the throne. However there are consequences to Macbeth’s ambitious attitude that added additional difficulties into Macbeth’s life and his plans to be king.


  2. jpoliakiwski says:

    For my final essay I choose How ambition and power drives us because Macbeth showed a great amount of an ambition throughout the play and I inspire that dedication and drive . It is not easy to follow through with a plan. Ambition shows and resembles the play the best.


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  4. dlamash says:

    this a link to my posthttp://iblog.stjschool.org/dlamash/2009/01/26/driven-by-power-and-ambition

  5. jabowtell says:

    Here you go bosshttp://iblog.stjschool.org/jabowtell/2009/01/26/english-final-our-responsibilties-to-selfsoceityfuture-generations/

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  7. Kyle Yarmuch says:

    I chosen “How ambition and power drive us” as a focus question for my final essay.

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