Canadian Mysteries: Developing Critical Thinking

I was watching the game, but Tampa was up 4-0 on the Phillies so I started “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch” again.

I’m in search of a word or phrase that describes the often endless evening hours I spend, well “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch”. If “couch potato” was the 20th century term for spending too much time staring at the TV, there needs to be a term for someone like me who spends too much time on the couch staring at his laptop computer. I hoped the phrase “couch surfing” might fit. I googled it – nope … weird way to travel … but a term I can’t use. “Laptop Potato” is more of person who watches TV on a laptop. However, I usually have the TV on while I am “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch” so I’m not even watching TV the same as I used to. I used to be a “Mouse Potato” or “Computer Potato”, at my desktop iMac far enough away from the TV that it warranted a new term. But here I am again, “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch.”

“Blog potato” seems close, except I spend more time “working” on the blog server than actually writing a blog.

Maybe I’m more like a “video game junkie“. I can admit I will play video games, XBox 360, Nintendo GBA and I have an Atari 2600 in a box in the garage. However, any laptop I’ve had, I’ve used primarily for work – lesson design, organizing, grades, handouts, tests, and more recently maintaining web sites, blogs, forums. Hardly a “laptop junkie.”

Help me find a term to describe the common pastime of “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch.”

Oh, I saw a headline for an article that suggested that the more older people use the internet, the better their memory becomes. I wish I could remember where I saw it, though.

Finally, I wanted to share a site: Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History.

Time to shut down and watch Sportsnet. Oilers lost. Good opening to the season, so far. They’ll still be in a battle to make the play-offs in the spring, though. Riders play Esks Saturday. When the Riders play, I can’t concentrate enough to attempt “surfing-the-net-on-my-laptop-on-the-couch.”

Go Riders.

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