LA 9 to Compare two films: Apples to Apples

I’d like some help considering what pair of films we ought to study in LA 9. Keeping in mind our course focus questions, what pair of films should we study in class?

  1. Why We Fight vs. The Atomic Cafe
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI vs. I, Robot
  3. Hoosiers vs. Rudy
  4. Godzilla vs. King Kong
  5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs. Signs
  6. The Princess Bride vs. Dragon Heart
  7. Arachnophobia vs. Misery
  8. The Outsiders vs. Hairspray
  9. The Iron Giant vs. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Please leave a comment with a critical reason for your preference of films.

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20 Responses to LA 9 to Compare two films: Apples to Apples

  1. ashleegee says:

    Personally, I would chose # 7.

    I’ve watched Misery before, It was really a mind boggling movie. It really gets your mind going on how weird and unorthodox some people really are.

    Although, I’m not to sure our school would allow such a movie. It would definitely give some people a second thought and idea about other people in this world. Which can relate to our focus questions. It shows how we should treat each other people, and how much we should respond to others in different situations.

    I’ve never personally watched Arachnophobia but I know that Arachnophobia means a fear of Spiders? I think it would be interesting to watch.

  2. meklatt says:

    I would recommend we do Artificial Intelligence:AI vs. I,Robot because these movies relate to some of our focus questions like: What does it mean to be a human being? The robot characters in these movies both have human qualities,like emotions. The robot character in I,Robot shows,in my opinion,more humanity than actual humans.

  3. kmarsh says:

    I recommend we do The Outsiders vs. Hairspray because both these films are about friendship and discrimination. I observed that this relates to many of our focus questions such as: do we see ourselves the same way that other see us. I personally believe that these movies will really help us answer this question and others.

  4. twilson says:

    We should watch the movies The Outsiders and Hairspray. It concentrates on the focus questions of how we should treat people and how we should respect people, which is a very important to know. Those movies concentrate strongly on those specific values.

  5. apoliakiwski says:

    I recommend we do The Outsiders vs. Hairspray because both of these movies are about friendship. I’ve watched Hairspray before, I thought it was a very inspirational movie. It included many different stereotypes which could help us all get along and understand the difference in each one of us.

  6. klumayko says:

    I would consider watching option #8 because The Outsiders and Hairspray are both very motivational movies. The Outsiders and Hairspray would relate to our class focus question because they both teach people about bravery, and acceptance of both self and others.

  7. krochford says:

    As a class we should chose to view Arachnophobia and Misery.

    They both seem like very interesting films. Arachnophobia is a horror movie and Misery is a thriller. They both make us think about what makes us unique.

  8. camyshak says:

    As children growing up in the world today, we miss the big pictures of the large and many problems that occur. Watching Hairspray, would give everyone a heart filled understanding, about how being of color is still a problem. It teaches and opens our eyes, and ears to racism. It sends a violent shiver up and down my back, when people think just because racism isn’t causing wars, now a days, it is no longer a problem. There are still people walking the streets, who treat people of color as a lower class. Whether we face it or pretend it’s not there, it is. Hairspray is a movie that includes the real problems of racism.
    Which not enough people do, but this movie has accomplished that. Hairspray foretells that we could be pink, purple or yellow, but its really what is inside that counts.

  9. jtimpano says:

    We should watch the movies The Outsiders vs. Hairspray. Both of these movies are about friendship and how humans treat each other. It inspired me by showing how each person as individuals treat each other. It also taught me that we should be acceptable to each person. I’m sure that if our class watched these movies they would learn just as much as I did.

  10. shmyshak says:

    I recommend we watch The Outsiders vs. Hairspray, because both of these movies are about friendship and discrimination. These films would relate to our class focus questions because they both deal with treating others and accepting one another of both self and others.

  11. thines says:

    We should watch the movies The Outsiders vs. Hairspray because people sometimes confuse love with other feelings. Matt Dillon is hilarious. It was Tom Cruise’s first major film, and all he does is eat cake. All these actors went on to fame, but the whole movie, the performances, and the writing were trashed.

  12. tandersen says:

    We should watch the Iron Giant vs. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. On Iron Giant it shows us that know matter how different the Iron Giant is, Hogarth will always love him. He treats the Iron Giant with respect and kindness.

  13. cruston says:

    Godzilla vs. King Kong would be two superb movies to watch. they teach us about inclusion and exclusion. King Kong is my choice because it shows how just that someone is different that they don’t get treated right.

  14. tknudsen says:

    I recommend that are class should watch The Outsiders vs. Hairspray because they are both mainly about friendship. Hairspray is a comedy and Outsiders is a drama. They both are very entertaining movies.

  15. hcarlson says:

    Our class should watch Godzilla and King Kong

    Cause they treat people really vicious and the kill the people in the movie . There’s a bunch of adventure in the both of those very amusing to watch. I’ve watched both of the movies and there really entertaining to watch.

  16. dchehade says:

    Out of all the movies the grade 9 class should watch Godzilla vs. King Kong. How can having doubts and fears be an advantage? We can have doubts and fears be our advantage because in Godzilla vs. King Kong they doubt they should go to the island and they have fears going there.

  17. aneil says:

    I’d recommend the class should watch the movies The Outsiders vs. Hairspray. It is based on the focus questions under the Human Relationships on how we treat people. I have watched the movie Hairspray and it shows me to treat people the same way I want to be treated.

  18. cjawhari says:

    I chose the movies Artificial Intelligence: AI vs. I, Robot because it shows that human can’t be replaced by machines.

  19. cdejong says:

    I think that we would get the most out of the Artificial Intelligence: AI vs. I, Robot Because it teaches us about how we are more important than what we make.

  20. kmarsh says:

    I would rather our Grade 9 class watch The Princess Bride and Dragon Heart. I have watched Dragon Heart, and can personally say it touched my heart. A creature that the world thinks is a killing beast heals his friend and then the friend and another human team up to save the world from the king. This relates to our focus questions this year because in Dragon Heart there is love, friendship, and hatred. It teaches us that not only humans are capible of loving. I have never watched Princess Bride, but the reviews are amazing. It too, is about love. A woman is kidnapped on her wedding day, but she never truly loved her soon-to-be husband. Her true love was thought to be dead. This film is also relating to our focus questions because it takes about betrail, love, uniqueness, and the doubts and fears that people go through on a regular, day-to-day basis. I think that both these movies would influence our class in a more life changing way then my previous choice, Hairspray vs Outsiders.

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