Sitewide Featured User Widget

Sitewide Featured User Widget

Install as you would any other widget. Tested on WPMU 2.6+. But should work fine with any recent WPMU version as well.

  • Enter the user ID, login name, or email from the widget control panel to feature recent posts from a WPMU community user. Numeric ID is matched against existing user IDs.
  • Featured User Posts
    • Display 0-10 most recent posts
      • the most recent post comes from any blog, remaining posts come from same blog, however
      • full post, post excerpt, no post content
      • titles
      • author
      • date
      • comment link
      • post category
      • post tags
      • avatars(any size 8-80 px)
    • Filtered by Tags(comma separated list)
    • Filtered by Categories

    Usage notes: 1-9 multiple widgets by default, but you may want to modify the widget to allow only a couple as the server resources needed go up with each multiple.


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