Focus Questions for LA 9, English 10, and English 20

After mulling over the possibilities of focus in my own mind, discussion in the STJ forums amongst students, and reflecting on literature choices from the first two weeks of class I’ve decide the following:

Language Arts 9 will focus on “The Human Condition – In Search of Self.” Early course discussions emphasized relationships (family and friends) and feelings that confuse or hinder the development of new relationships. We’ve seen doubts and fears in our approach to self and others and we’ll continue to grow in our maturing voices and sincerity.

English 10 will focus on “Decisions – Action or Apathy.” Students have been focusing on adolescent decision making: pressures to fit, or not; conflicts between work, family, and school; dealing with consequences to decisions and exploring the role of emotions in “life’s lessons.”

English 20 will focus on “World Perspectives – The Social Experience.” The discussions of our first text, Brave New World, have really determined our focus for us. The discussions go well beyond a defense of personal happiness(or lack thereof) and explore individual, group, and social responsibility. We’ll need to emphasize further the role of literature as a means of Social Criticism. We need to bring into the classroom real analysis of systems that exemplify shortcomings in Canadian Society.

These focus questions will heavily influence all major assignments and the mid-term exams in LA 9, English 10, and English 20.

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