WPMU for Dummies: Part Deux

I had some time recently to revisit an older project – WPMU For Dummies – a plugin to enhance the SiteAdmin–>wpmu-admin.php page. (An older version stopped working at WPMU1.5 so I abandoned the project) This version will only work with WPMU2.6.x

  • Quick links to common SiteAdmin pages
  • Bookmarks to my favorite “WP and WPMU Help” sites
  • Search buttons to a several WP/WPMU sites: Forums, plugins, themes, Trac, Codex PHP, etc.
  • WPMU Sidebar: adds a widgetized sidebar for SiteAdmins only(I use it for RSS feeds)
  • Error Log Editor: searches ABSPATH for error_logs and if found displays them each in their own editable textarea(large error_log files will stall the page, however)

The Siteadmin page is basically a blank canvas, now it’s a bit busier and as Site Admin, my most frequently visited page.

Like it, fix it, enhance it, share it, . . . or lump it.


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