Writing Tips from the Lab

What I should do….

Bucky says, “Determining the factors that will be most powerful is on of the greatest pressures.”

Megan says, “Reread to find mistakes like writing you, it, and thing.”

Shustyn says,” Stop generalizing everything at the beginning of the post.”

Chetter says, “Make more debatable topic sentences.”

Sarah says, “ Quit writing (x=x) statement!”

Amie says, ” Write defiant opinions from within yourself. Tie into personal experiences.”

Myles says, “make sure your make contains more voice.”

Justin says, ” Avoid A vs. B in halves.”

Jordan says, “to start putting personal experiences.”

Conor says, “Make better thesis.”

Yarmz says, “Align picture” or “In the life there is a lot of decisions to be made.”

Kaitlyn, “I have been through an experience with cancer, one that I have learned from, knowing the consequences and fears it caused.”

Jacq says, ” I’ve been in my living room for countless hours working on this work of art.”

Brett G. says, “Start with an example of your own voice.”

Owen says, “he had afflicted lost of pain.”

Derek says, “The best way for the boy in the story stains to learn a life lesson.

Aubrey says, “Make your topic sentences.”

Tanner says, ” use your own voice.”

Nicole says, “I have long pondered over an invention that could make me famous.”

Chantal says, ” In my spare time I really enjoy reading stories and novels because they help me to leave doctor mode and just enjoy my spare time

What I need to stop doing…

Bucky says, “Emotion and feelings play.”

Chetter says,” Both John and Jonny attend a banquet.”

Tanner says, “there are any issues.”

Shustyn says, “possessing values is a key part in my life. My everyday decisions are based on my values.’

Megan says,” There are many pressures in the teenage life styles.”

Sarah says, ” There is a way” or “Somehow”

Justin says, ” What their beliefs are.”

Amie says, “The characters in the story.”

Myles says.” ThiS way we can make the right decisions.”

Curtis says, ” There are many similarities, along with many differences.”

Conor says, “There are always.”

Jordan says, “I think.”

Jacq says, “Being surrounded by the people who love them can help the person pull through the tough times.”

Kaitlyn says, “differing life views can affect the decisions made.”

Yarmz says, “stop putting elementary words, start using high school words. start to not put x=x.”

Owen says, “He has to learn from mistakes.”

Brett G says, “Avoid thing all time and places.”

Derek says, “Use words that are grade 10 appropriate.”

Aubrey says, “Don’t argue the obvious.”

Jason says, “stop writing good inconstantly.”

Nicole says, “almost always.”

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