Newest Safari 3 in OS 10.5 breaks the Visual Editor

Or is it the other way around? Anyway, I’ve witnessed a new peeve that maybe you have seen as well if you use Safari 3.x(in 10.5.x) while editing an iblog post. Ignore what follows if you don’t notice anything odd about the editor.

All line breaks, paragraph breaks are stripped when switching from code/visual while editing a post in Safari 3.I’ve looked around and the problem is known to exist in the version of WordPress(2.3) built under the iblogs(and works fine, and it is the latest customized “mu” version of wp2.5. The latest version of iblog(1.5) on my test server works fine.

However, I was not planning to upgrade to the next (dramatic looking admin) wpmu 1.5/2.5 version till June-ish. In summary,The problem occurs with the newest release of Safari 3 with an older release of WordPress.The problem does not exist with Firefox or Safari 2.I learned something very new with Safari 3 in my investigation. Safari 3, curiously, has a built in workaraound:

  • Safari–>Prefs–>Advanced–>Enable Developer Menu. 

This new(to me) Developer menu lets me change the “User Agent”. I switched mine to Firefox and the problem vanished as well.

Cool tools, just not practical. I’ll think I’ll just use Firefox in the meantime, though. (Or hasten the upgrade).


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