LOTF: Focus on Voice

How do we live with the consequences of our decision making?
Related Questions:

What are the consequences of an important decision that you have made recently?
What are informed decisions? What are uninformed decisions?
What role does foresight play in our decision making? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hindsight?
What is the effect of making a decision when we are uncertain of the consequences? What are the consequences of making decisions which go against what other people think? What price do we pay for each decision we make?
What role does emotion and feeling play in our decision making?

Choose a focus. Write a post. Trackback.

Blogging Tips:
Pay particular attention to your own development of your voice in your style. Attempt to engage your audience to comment critically on issues of your choosing.

When commenting on another’s blog, look for the issues that invite your critical response.

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