English 30-1 Tips for Personal Response to Texts

Examples of Student Responses to English 30-1 Diploma

The Personal Response Assignment from June 2006:
(literature in the question is included in the exam)

The puppet master in Keith Carter’s “Pinocchio” manipulates the marionette’s strings, giving it the illusion of free will. In the poem “Come In,” the speaker resists the allure of an appealing opportunity. In the excerpt from the short story “The Introduction,” Lily confronts the social conventions of her world and struggles to preserve her true self. What do these texts suggest to you about the individual’s ability to pursue personal well-being when responding to competing internal and external demands? Support your idea(s) with reference to one or more of the texts presented and to your previous knowledge and/or experience.

Consider the importance of the opening paragraph and the first sentence of the first body paragraph.
Satisfactory response from June 2006
Proficient response from June 2006
Excellent response from June 2006

The Critical/Analytical Response Assignment from June 2006:
(literature in the essay is from the course, not the exam)

Reflect on the ideas and impressions that you discussed in the Personal Response to Texts Assignment concerning the relationship between an individual’s perspective and his or her interpretation of the world. Consider how the effect of a new perspective has been reflected and developed in a literary text or texts you have studied. Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator(s) about the effect an individual’s perspective has on personal beliefs.

Proficient response from June 2006
Excellent response from June 2006

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