Hamlet: After Act 1 and 2(English 30)

  1. (30-1)”I know not seems.” In I, ii, 76, Hamlet claims that his grief is real, not just a show. Make a chart of all the occasions in this act when there is a difference between the way a character seems to be and the way he or she really is. Draw up a chart with the following headings:
    • The Character
    • The Situation
    • The Appearance
    • The Reality
    • The reason for Hiding the Truth

    Fill in your ideas about the characters’ behaviour and compare your chart with those of other students.

  2. (30-2)Consider whether or not you think Polonius is a good father. Explain which of his actions were right and which were wrong. Create your own description of a good father. Write a letter to Polonius offering him advice about ways he could become a better parent.
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