The nature of our humanness: a ’55 punch bug, a turtle, and rhizobia

After reading The Bean Trees, making some notes, and writing the exam, choose a focus questions for your essay. Try one of these questions as written by your classmates:

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15 Responses to The nature of our humanness: a ’55 punch bug, a turtle, and rhizobia

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  2. rbrousseau says:

    How does Kingsolver illustrate how we should treat people?

  3. chmyshak says:

    How ought human beings behave? Is desirable behavior the same in all cultures? In all communities?

  4. Niko says:

    I used the essay question “How does Kingsolver demonstrate how we get our needs met through our relationships with others?”

  5. bradbardoel says:

    How does Kingsolver express the importance of relationships in the search for self?

  6. jchampagne says:

    Mr. Sader,
    Here is my link to my essay “The Journey to Happiness”, about “The Bean Trees”

  7. avramovic says:

    What are the relationships between men and women? Are these relationships sources of conflict? Do they provide resolutions to conflict?

  8. mokrainetz says:

    Do the women Kingsolver portrays accept or reject the roles that are given to them?

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